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Started by MarkOneMusic, May 04, 2010, 01:49:36 PM

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I have for the past 11 months been recording an album, and I decided to document the process in a blog (I can't think where *that* idea came from!)

It's old-fashioned prog* featuring much hammonde organe, mooge synthesisere, and (horror) mellotrone  (OK Audio Units that *pretend* to be those classics) though my much loved Korg Prophecy makes more than a few appearances. Collaborators from far flung places like Syracuse NY, Norway, Holland and Weston-super-Mare provide variously guitars, sax, bass and drums while I carry out keyboard duties tracking, editing and mixing

Anyway I'm now up to my ears in final mixing prior to sending the project off for mastering (once I've found a mastering house I am happy with  - and can afford! - Abbey Road was a tad out of my budget!) So I thought I'd post small snippets of the final mixes as I complete them...

The first two tracks are in the bag and there are excerpts on the blog:

I'd welcome your initial thoughts :)

*not because I don't like this new fangled prog that Mr G makes, it's just because I think the musical parts of my brain were frozen in 1974!


Can't seem to play the snippets. They buffer to 100% and then...nothing. Prolly my set-up.  :cry:
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Ooh er...

Well I know I can play them on both the iMac, and the macbook ... Mrs One seems able to play them and I've had at least one person comment...

I've put the 'Fantasy Bridge' excerpt on my Myspace page...   (  I'll try to put the 'Children' clips up there too tomorrow.

Anyone else having problems?


they play fine for me, and they sound good!  grats and well done!



...and another one:

This time synths and orchestra.  (Well Orchestral *samples* but I won't tell if you don't ;)  )


Dare I say it...

Another mix done.  This is the 'balady' thing.

It's got mellotrons. [Quick, run...]