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Window Clings

Started by Ecosse, November 17, 2008, 12:25:25 PM

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Right, so who got a free one with their EIMA order? And pics of yours wherever you have put it!

I've now got the Frostie*Pod:

Excuse crap pic quality, taken off my phone.
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Now I've seen that... that's where mine's going too!
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Not sure what I'll do with the new ones, but here are the previous ones:

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gr8gonzo, I LOVE the number plate!  :)  8-)

I expect the UK equivalent - FR05TIE - is probably owned by someone on here - own up, who's got it?


Also took this rather arty farty picture of it, I love how the moisture on my window is playing around with the depth of the colour, bizarre and very snazzy to stare at while listening because it's always changing, like some frostie rocket lamp...


FR05TIE - neat idea, but having dashed to the DVLA website to check, you can't get the "I" part of it - looks too much like a "1"
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In that case, you could always have FR05TYY or FR05TEE...

(edit) No, both of those are not available.

In a flash of inspiration I tried putting FR05TCJ and FR05TCW in (Frost and my initials, don't you know) but both options were £1999 which is, I think, taking fan-girl-ness just that little bit too far in the current economic situation.