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Started by WalMan, November 30, 2008, 12:43:33 AM

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Woohoo!! Mine arrived this morning :D

Had my first listen this morning & it wasn't quite as immediate for me BUT I was working and fighting my connection to the office so not really paying proper attention. Another listen tomorrow will I'm sure set me straight
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enjoy !  its so lovely when people open these parcels and get all enthusiastic! xx


S t i l l w a i t i n g ....



Mine arrived OK a few days ago now... but it was covered in scribbles  ;)
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Ah that's better, a second blast is setting me straight :)
A fool proof plan & an air tight Alibi



I have to admit that the first couple of listens I wasn't sure whther the album lived up to my expectations, but it is a real grower. Put the time into listening to it and you will be rewarded. :D  :D

BTW It's now my album of the year :D  :D (well joint top with It Bites)
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Well, I ordered my copy on the 20th and since I live in the United States, I am sure the wait will have to continue for a little while longer. I am hoping it will arrive by Friday so I can wear it out over the weekend!

Needless to say, I am overjoyed for all of you Frosties who have received your copies.

I'll be joining your ranks soon!  :D