EIMA - Whats your favourite track ?

Started by Dave M, November 17, 2008, 12:53:59 PM

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Quote from: "LivingForever"Interestingly the track order on iTunes UK is completely different...

Welcome to Nowhere
Dear Dead Days
Falling Down
Pocket Sun
Wonderland (inc Secret Song)

Didn't Jem say he changed the order of the songs at the last minute, so last minute that they couldn't change it on the actual CD's, maybe THAT is that change.
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I expect it's already been said hear, but I don't know it hasn't arrived yet
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today it's 'falling down' for me. i love the dark athmosphere in it. All kinds of musical associations come to me. this track has it all !
the whole album is getting to me after several listenings


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favorite track would be Dear Dead Days

Though it alternates by the day as well, so technically speaking it's Falling Down at the moment
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Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!!  It's so difficult, but as I have given a clue...it's....

Dear Dead Days

followed swiftly by

Toys and Welcome To Nowhere (Dec's vocals are some of the most cutting I have heard in years)

But I think that Saline will be my saviour tomorrow to prevent me from developing an early hearing disorder due to constant headphone wearing.  Gawd, that is an infectious song!!
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"One man\'s Drum Machine is another man\'s Mellotron"
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Right now, gotta go w/"Dead Dead Days."  The bridge riff (featured on one of the Frost Reports) is so damn catchy...just wish it went on longer.


Now Look 'ere!
EIMA, as in yon titular track, does suddenly run into 'WTN' as if the track has jumped don't it!
I have the Tour CD which has EIMA on it and it does end more traditionally on that.
Prob'ly ol' Jemasus 'aving a larf but 3 min 19 secs is quite a weird timing for the eponymous entry!
If anyone can comment, I will be pleased to hear your view.
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One track that I simply can't get enough of the last few days is Welcome To Nowhere. I get a huge kick out of that wall of guitars that is sliding in just before the chorus pops up and love the interesting drum part TBE has put under this song.
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It changes from time to time... I'd say Welcome To Nowhere for today :)
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The album is amazing, every little detail gets your attention and you lose it because then it comes the next little detail and so on.

At the moment, Toys gets repeated a lot in my player, and DDD and Welcome To Nowhere too.

And the instrumental versions are surprising!

Maybe there should be a topic for each song, they all deserve it. And there are many things to be asked and commented about them all.

Jem, you did it again. Milliontown was my album of 2006 and this will be my 2008 top.  :)


When I eventually the CD gets delivered, I'll let you know  :roll:
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Hell yeah!

Today my special edition of EIMA arrived, together with Milliontown. Heard most of it already, but what a treat. Two amazing records.

My two Frost*-shirts from the official shop arrived yesterday aswell, so here I am with my frost* tee and EIMA blazin on 10.

Thanks Jem and the boys. Love it!