17 Minutes of Moosic

Started by thomaspottage, May 13, 2010, 10:26:15 AM

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I've been away from all things forum related for about a year, to stop me from being distracted in the last leg of my degree. I just got finished with my composition portfolio and have posted it online for all to hear. It's very Frost*, Dream Theater, Rush influenced so I thought someone might get a kick out of it!


Plenty of Guitars and a few keyboard parts for good measure.


very nice with lots of fret wizardry in there, very nice indeed


Sounds very good!!
I think Beatrix will love it :D
If wishes where horses, we\'re all been eating steak.



Kickass guitar tone! Wasn't particularly fond of the synth lead sound though, too buzzy. :D Also, snare rolls didn't turn out particularly realistic (more velocity randomization could help). You used EZD, right?

Piano could have used a bit more "shine", some treble boost, it sounds too muffled, especially after the drum solo section nearing the end.

Overall, some very, very nice songwriting!


Excellent stuff!  Like it muchly... (is that a word? - well it should be)