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Day job question

Started by beetree, May 13, 2010, 10:15:46 PM

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Hi Jem. I just stumbled upon the fact that you wrote a song with Jörgen Elofsson (That´s my goal). How did that come about and how are stuff like that done? The song is great btw, although a bit to the left from Frost* (or maybe the other way around. Have you written other stuff with him or your Swedish colleagues/(competitors)?

All the best

I know for I told me so!


Hello mate,

We shared the same publisher (Universal) at the time. Publishers love to get their writers to collaborate. It makes them more money if the song's a hit.  ;)

We wrote quite a few songs with Murlyn who were pretty hot at the time, they've since disbanded now. When we used real strings we used to work with a couple of genius Swedish guys called Ulf and Henrik Janson to arrange and conduct along with the Stockholm Session Strings. We used to go and record at the original Polar Studios (RIP :cry: ) And we used to get our stuff mixed there too by a lovely guy who's name I've forgotten sadly.

I spent a fair chunk of the early 2000's in Stockholm actually. Normally quite drunk. Fab town. :D


Thanks for anwering Jem.

Sounds like fun, Stockholm´s great and even better if you´re a bit drunk 8-) . I guess that was just after the Cheiron era then? I just read an autobiography by Andreas Carlsson, who worked with them and who has had his share of worldwide hits (and then some) and it was really inspiring. I´ve seen  Henrik Janson live a lot of times (if it is the same) as a guitarist and he´s absolutely brilliant.


I know for I told me so!