Jem...How is the new studio coming along?

Started by Mickdoo22, May 30, 2010, 01:47:58 PM

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I may have missed any recent updates.....but I am excited to see how the new studio is shaping up!  I hope work is progressing???


Yeah, I was wondering about this- any chance of shedding some light on the progress of the new studio, Jem ol' chum :D
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I expect he'll be along soon to reply, might have his hands full these days with OtherMe#4 prep!
Last I heard it was dragging on a bit (the studio stuff) but that was a week or two ago. :)
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Yeah, what with the day job, TGB#4 and us lot to deal with, I should think dear old Jem has his hands pretty full at the moment...
Broadband! A whole 2.5MB of it!


It's slow work at the moment,the exterior work was completed about 2 months ago, the building is now weatherproof and dry. The design is back now from the designers and it's all approved. It looks great  :D . They've managed to fit a live area in and a dead area for vocals. Plus there's plenty of space for all the Victorian esoteria.

They're just coming up with a technical build spec written in "builder-speak" for my build team to have a gander at. Then it'll need to be costed and then that'll most likely be the point where I have to abandon it for this year and do some more saving up. :oops:.


Broadband! A whole 2.5MB of it!


Quote........and do some more saving up

or come up with some more lovely Frostie merch for our consumption (although I accept that the profit margin isn't probably suffiently large to make much of a dent in it)

Perhaps you should set up a phone line installation service, I hear they pull in a fair bit of dosh......................
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