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BLM tab attempt

Started by TomP, May 15, 2010, 04:28:30 PM

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Hi Frost Forum
Due to the fact I've found it hard to find frost* tabs anywhere I've decided to try and do one for black light machine (despite not having much experience of writing tabs). It's not perfect, especially as I had to leave out some of the slides (as they made the midi go out of tune) and bends (as some of them stopped working). Also the midi has a tendency to go out of tune at the second guitar solo, but that's what you get for using free software. The Keyboard solo was ripped off from a midi I found on the forum, so thanks to whoever uploaded it. So anyway here's the link


You can download power tab editor here


Any advice for corrections to the tab is welcome


Welcome to the forum TomP.  :D
Sounds like you've been busy.
I'm too cream-crackered to look at stuff tonight but I'll have a look tomorrow.
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This is fantastic. Might be a bit dubious sometimes but the magic is there!  :lol:  

I'ma learn it and show all mah Frostie friends  :P


Big Banana Section! :lol:
Broadband! A whole 2.5MB of it!