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Started by dtscape10, June 14, 2010, 02:31:42 PM

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Hi guys,
        Unless you haven't guessed, by my avatar, I am a keyboard player. Thought I'd show you a short video of me recording a solo for a friend of mine (a very good guitarist called Dudley Ross... We have a gig coming up supporting Christophe Godin and Guthrie Govan on Thursday 17th June). This was a one take solo which I'm very pleased with as I usually have the ole red button syndrome where I cock everything up when recording... This is an exception...

Hope you like it...



Hey, that sounds really nice. Good melodies, and a cool track.  :D


Thanks... I hope it's the right video as I added the link from work and I can't access YouTube stuff from here!!!!


It's the one with the kazoo and the wood block...is that the right one?  ;)

Very good by the way!  :)
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Oooh I like this!
You'll be letting us know when this CD of Dudley's come out, won't you....?  :mrgreen:
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It's available already.... Not sure where you can buy it mind you!!!!! I play on 3 tracks ("I'm Back", "Human Been" and "Skitz")

I'll let you know. ;)
The cd's called "Even Rock Stars Have To Wash Up" .. I love the title!!!!!


I spoke to Dudley last night at rehearsal (we have a gig tonight with Christophe Godin and Guthrie Govan... check them out on YouTube) and he said he only made 100 cds and only has 8 of them left... He did mention that he is doing a remix and will make another batch from that. I'll let you know more at a later date.....