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Started by brakkum, June 17, 2010, 01:33:11 AM

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Jem, where in the world did you find that poster calendar?? I cannot seem to find anything like it, and it looks like it would work perfectly for my lovely wall.

also... might I ask what Jean Michel Jarre video you were watching in one of the early Frost* Reports? it always looked intriguing to me.


I think I might know these....
The Sasco Year Planner range includes the one on which Jem showed us the plan for EIMA. I have the 'compact' version (A2-ish) on my pinboard at work but it never says anything cool like 'Dec's coming to record guitars and vocals'....
Available online and at all good office/stationery supplies outlets (e.g. Staples). I think other people do them (Staples have their own version) but Sasco are the best IMHO.

I think the DVD was Michael Jam Jar's Oxygene Live in you living room (clips on YouTube). Always meant to buy it, never did.
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I've got that. The JMJ Oxygene edition, not the wall planner  :D
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haha, thank you Pedro! I just ordered one of the wall planners, and am now contemplating getting a copy of that video... looks pretty fantastic.


My thanks to The Boss for being here to confirm it.  :)
"Putting food on the table is more important than 7/8"