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BLM bell sound

Started by E.S., June 04, 2010, 06:42:59 PM

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Ok, this has been in my mind for some time now.
Jem, I remember seing a video of you demonstrating the live set on the Fantom X. And after the BLM keyboard solo, there's a sound I think you refered to as "synclavier bells". Is that possible to find anywhere?
Freakin sweet sound that is.


It's off a Synclavier II. If you listen to Crises by Mike Oldfield, it the same sound all over that. It is lovely isn't it? :D

I got it from an old sample CD-ROM back when I had Akai samplers called Vintage Time Traveller which was largely put together I believe by Roger Manning from Jellyfish.

That said, I could be horribly wrong about it's origin, it was nearly 8 years ago! :lol:

PM me your details if you want and I'll email over the BLM sample of it if you like. :D


That's a very generous offer. Thank you!
PM sent.  :mrgreen:



Public file link, you say?