Solo in new Snowman

Started by E.S., June 17, 2010, 08:13:38 PM

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I just have to say first that this is an excellent version of Snowman, and I love that you put a little bit of good ol' Pete in there.
But where on earth is that amazing lead sound come from? It's like the child of Derek Sherinian and Jens Johansson, with a little.. I don't know.. Jem in there.
I'm assuming it's a homemade patch of some kind.

Secondly, is this track available anywhere, except in the TDL interview?

Jim Takacs

That Is Most Definitely The V-Synth. I Made the almost Identical sound on mine! Its Gotta be! :D
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Gawd bless ya. The first one ( I assume that's the one you mean) is indeed the V-Synth. House points all round.  :D

Second point - it's not available anywhere else owing to the rather large borrowing from Mr Gabriel's back catalogue. We did do it live. Once.



...and flippin' marvellous it was/is.  :)
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Sounds freakin great!

Oh, and I always wanted a V-synth. Remember me around Christmas, will ya?  :mrgreen: