My Latest Pop Puke Offering.........

Started by Jim Takacs, November 07, 2010, 06:30:52 AM

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Jim Takacs

Oopie Doopie, me Smokem' Peace Pipe!!  Name That Cartoon..
Yes, Im Working On a Somewhat POP-ish release,  There Most Deff. will Be major Prog. tid bits in it just to fool people..  This is actually a track I recorded about an Hour ago, well Re recorded the vocals On and decided for the first time to Video the Glorious Experience!!  Blech!!  :mrgreen:  :roll:
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I like that - quite Jesus Jones -esque in places (good thing!!)
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Yes, thanks for posting that, doesn't sound bad at all.
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Indeed, quite enjoyable... look forward to seeing what else you have up your sleeve :)

Jim Takacs

Thanks For such Kind words guys!  Originals are tough, Specially when the bar is set so high by Jem, not that I am at all Competing! LM<AO! You just have to resolve yourself to the fact that Not everyone is gonna Like what you do or your style. I fell into this current style/mode recently. I used to be quite industrial. Blah blah. Thanks Again!  :)
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