New mic testing - Snowman

Started by E.S., November 04, 2010, 10:20:12 PM

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First of all, please let me know if it's not ok to post this here. It's the track I found in the Toys section or wherever it was.
I got a new mic, and needed something to sing. And I can only sing quietly here in my appartment, so Snowman seems like a good choice. Just me playing with effects and testing stuff..


First of all, no problem with placement, mostly cos it's a Frost* cover so it's Frost* related and by a Frost*ie and not another band. Besides the only rules here (aside from common decency) is zero tolerance of Now Playing threads!  :)

Second of**dy nice pipes, sir.  :)  A tasty cover and very pleasant to listen to.
What's the mic...or should that go in the Gear Corner? ;)
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Wow, thanks. :)

The mic is actually a cheap Samson S01, I got it for free (spent so bloody much in the local music store this summer). But it sounds pretty nice to me.


Sounds good :)

What sorta effects you running on that?
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Yes - sounds good.

If you need something else to test on then wander over to my box on FFCS and do a better job than me on the "Keep Calm and Mellotron" words?  There's a lot of you in FFCS already, I know..
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Dude, You are most deff. a singer!!  Beautiful Tone and Pitch.  Yeah, That Samson Mic is actually very surprising for the Money, specially what You paid for it! 8-)  Very Well Done! ;)   NOW DO MORE STUFF!!!!! :D
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Aww, thanks. But I'm not a singer, only in the studio. Can do live harmonies tho.

Effects... Just messed around with lots of stuff, trying to sorta recreate the original feel. There's a vocoder, a doubled track with the formant dropped quite a bit, another vocoder with just noise, to make a kind of whispering effect, and a delay. Apart from that it's the good old EQ and compression. I have no idea what Jem did on Snowman, but I'd love to know. It sounds awesome.

Oh, and all the pitch trickery to make it sound sorta ok, of course.  :P


Very nice. Your voice has a certain 'Jemness' to it ^_^


If you aren't a singer I'm not a keyboardist!

*Makes a note: "1. Found a singer - Done. 2. Find money to give to that singer"*




Wow! Jem version 2.0!  :shock:
Well done sir.


Quote from: "E.S."I'm not, I'm a keyboardist.  :P

Mate, I'd be able to write a lot more interesting and engaging music if I could sing anywhere near as good as you :lol: