Frost outsells Rush...

Started by ChrisX, November 21, 2008, 06:41:56 PM

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... well at least at my favourite record store in Hengelo (the Netherlands)....

Finally EIMA had arrived and so I left early from work to pick it up and hang arounb a bit at the store talking with the owner and some of the other regulars. Due to wet and cold weather it was a bit of a slow day where it not for the fact that both Frost*'s EIMA and the Rush dvd Snakes & Arrows (Live in Rotterdam) had arrived. By the end of the afternoon it was clear that they had sold all of the ordered 25 copies of EIMA (more are coming in) and that the Rush dvd had barely reached half that number although quite a few of the regular customers were expected to come in tomorrow.

So far, the feeling is that this album has certainly piqued a lot more interest from customers and knowing how the store owner operates (he is one of those rare guys that really knows his clientele and their tastes and can give tailormade recommendations on the spot for almost anyone) I suspect he will probably sell a lot more copies. I have just e-mailed him saying that if he spies a customer from the Dream Theater contingent he immediately should spin either Welcome To Nowhere or DDD over the store's soundsystem.

This certainly is an album that has appeal that could stretch outside the more confined prog circles.
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EIMA is an album that really fits the name. It can appeal to people from all sorts of musical backgrounds. I've been showing this to people who normally only listen to the top 40 on the radio and enjoying it, and to Metalheads, and to people into electronica music, it's run the gamut and passed with flying colors. Mass appeal indeed. I'm glad though, Frost* is a band that deserves a lot of praise. They are one of those bands that I will be showing my children(If I decide to have any) when I am much older. They'll be my version of say like, Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin, a band that defined my musical tastes growing up and that will stay with me for life, much like those bands did for my parents.