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CRS selling EIMA

Started by TonyB, November 18, 2008, 03:02:11 PM

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Well I pre-ordered the signed copy of the album a few weeks ago through CRS, and the money's gone out my account yet I'm seeing a sign on the website saying they can't sell Frost* stuff anymore cause of violating a clause meaning they have to no longer be VAT free...
I haven't got the album yet either!!

Does this mean I've got to buy it again from somewhere else and get a refund??!
Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm getting withdrawal symptoms knowing that it's out there and I don't yet own it!!!

 :shock:  :(  :cry:
"I bet you weren\'t expecting this!!"


Same situation here. Ordered from CRS asap, money taken, no info, no delivery.

VAT on £14 is £2.45, the postage was £2.50, but surely posting a package can't cost THAT much? A 1st class letter is pennies...

I wouldn't mind them charging me an extra £2.45 to get it to me, but I paid for first class delivery, hoping to get it on release day or straight after, but alas no.


Well I've just spoken to a lovely man called Bernard.
Apparently they can't sell anymore Frost* stuff but as I and others have already paid it would be sent from the band themselves which I believe is Mr. Jowitt?

guess I'll just have to be patient :(
Thought I'd done well waiting this long!  :evil:
"I bet you weren\'t expecting this!!"


I'd contact TLD.  CRS seem to have well and truly fucked up a good deal of the Frost* orders, but I copied and pasted my original email confirmation to her, so hopefully she got that ok and it will be on its way within the week.  I believe I'm lucky t have at least got a confirmation email though, so I'm not sure what to suggest for people who didn't get one.  Maybe give CRS a call?

I think it's fair to say that CRS have messed up big time here, and I suspect a lot of us who were expecting our albums in time for release will be pretty pissed off, considering we could have bought them physically, but it's important to remember that it's nothing to do with anyone close to the band, and remember how hard they're working...


Nothing again today. I don't know if my order's screwed up or not... No word one way or the other. How do you know when your order's busted?


Frosties Broke the Rokshop!

"Welcome to the Shop

Thanks to FROST* for helping us raise some money!
Sadly, due to the fact the CRS wishes to remain non VAT registered we have now had to discontinue selling products for Frost* due to the incredible success of the partnership and us being pushed close to the VAT threshold.

We would like to thank John & the rest of the band very much for their support of the CRS and hope you will still buy tickets for the BOTY awards in January which are available through this Rokshop."

Anyone with order problems, please send a PM to TLD and be super nice.  She's plenty busy already.
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Ordered it from CRS also. Still waiting.

I'll give it a few extra days though. The boys do what they can but they can't control international postage. Oh and local postage can suck ass too you know.  :roll:


Who's TLD?

I got a confirmation email, so I just replied to that to contact CRS.


The Lady Deb is handling all orders, CRS and direct.

<edit: The Lurvely Lady Deb>
...and I can feel the world is turning...turn around


I thought it was "the lovely Deb" ?

I'm one of the CRS crowd too - paid £18.50 for the signed version

Sigh.....Still no sign of EIMA....  must ....have....patience.....


Indeed.  I sit corrected.
...and I can feel the world is turning...turn around


i got mine from crs too [still waiting ] paid 18.50 for it , i wouldnt mind but id already orderd it from hmv for 11 quid and cancelled it because i thought i was helping the band out by buying it from crs ,  :roll:
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Quote from: "GaryC"I thought it was "the lovely Deb" ?

Yep, same here.

Quote from: "GaryC"I'm one of the CRS crowd too

Yep, same here.

Quote from: "GaryC"paid £18.50 for the signed version

Yep, same here.

Quote from: "GaryC"Sigh.....Still no sign of EIMA....  must ....have....patience.....

Yep, same here.


It was the same for me, and TLD confirmed posting mine out today, so hopefully it will be the same for everyone else too :)
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Wait, so are they sending out posting confirmations?

Bah. I'm all nervous. I want this album a whole freaking lot, and I keep checking here for good news, though I have no idea how this forum will help the mail services speed up my package delivery...