How's PT 8 working for ya Jem?

Started by EVP, July 18, 2010, 11:49:19 PM

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Noticed on the latest Frost reports you are using it now.

How's it working out for ya? Whatta you thinky?


It's totally and utterly fab actually. I'd go so far as to say it's never been better. It's virtually bomb proof too. The only time it falls over is if I start to do a ton of miniscule edits and keep hitting start/stop.

The organ isn't quite as hot as NI's B4, the piano's not as good as Synthogy's Ivory, but Vacuum is fab as is Xpand 2.

All in all, they've played a blinder. I adore PT8 on an HD3 hardware setup. 10 out of 10


I have to admit at first I wasn't sure about the new look but it's grown on me and I really love it now.
I'd have to agree about the VI's. The piano wasn't bad for me until I got Alicia's Key's which turned my world around.
The midi editor is great as well and it makes things so much nicer to work with.  I just installed 8.04 but
haven't had the chance to test it.



Jem, didn't you say in the interview with Mr Keylard that you've started using Ableton Live?
Bit confused here... ;)
Broadband! A whole 2.5MB of it!


I think Jem has no choice but keep using Pro Tools on some levels because it's so widespread in the music making world.  When collaborating with others it makes things easier probably.  He can use ableton to his heart's content working on Frosty stuff I suppose.


ProTools is still the studio, so to speak. It's still early days with me and Ableton although I do really like it. For recording mixing and processing, it'll always be dear old Tools. Ableton is more a of a writing tool really.


Just love it. The pan knob's are an improvement. And i like all the gadgets like the score thingy. I let it lose on some of my drumtracks: "wow...did i play that...that looks really difficult"
The combined edittools are a real time saver.
all in all: super
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