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Forum t-shirts

Started by Nellie, July 19, 2010, 02:18:03 PM

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Hi Chaps and chapesses,
If we're going to do the forum shirts, let's make some decisions about what appears on them.
I'm under the impression that it would be a long sleeved shirt with a Frost* logo on the front and "Your world is now officially a better place! Trust me!" with the forum member name (yes I said member Rog :roll: ).

Yes, no, maybe?
It's in the post!


Is this forum poll-capable? A series of polls could be helpful in determining shirt type, which logo, logo size and location, phrase to be used, font, et cetera.
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Dave M

Yes  :D

Sounds great Nellie.

Though would prefer short sleave ... but I'm not rocking the boat.
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Yes that sounds good to me :D


I'm in the same rockin' boat as Dave M, but otherwise that's perfick.
* May contain nuts.


Sounds great, long or short sleeved.


sounds absolutely spiffing :D


Yes, count me in too please!  8-)   Would also prefer short sleeve but not probs with long if that's the only option.
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Am happy with either option (or could we do a run of both - Rest of the World Summer and British Summer in one not so foul swoop??)
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I'd take one, but would prefer short sleeved too.
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Sounds good to me, but didn't we also discuss doing something a little more forum specific on the front as well?

The idea I had and bounced around here was to take to the avatars of the top (say) 100 or 200 forum users and make them into the shape of a Frost*erisk, for example.

Shouldn't be too much effort for a serious graphics bod; I'd even volunteer to have a go, although I'm off to the Farnborough Air Show for a couple of days work, so it couldn't be immediately ...


Long or short sleeved, I'm in for either.  :D

Big Black Shed

Spot on Nellie. Short sleeved for preference.

But a layered long sleeve, like the ones produced for the spocks tour would be fine too.

I'm sure Vitamin P can do a splendid Frost*erix for the front.
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I'm good for one as well.
With a slight preference for short sleeved, but not that bothered.

The waveform design + sprayed name could make a nicely forum-specific version

(Did anyone ever admit to working out what the waveform was?) :?:
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