Were any bees harmed in the making of The Other Me?

Started by Nellie, February 25, 2009, 10:29:33 AM

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Quote from: "Nellie"I'm glad you posted that because I actually have a banana tree! 8-)
Cool. So is that epic Tinyfish track actually all about a time when your crop failed? (Banana crop, not the riding variety....or the hardressing variety....)

You crazy fool! :lol:
It's in the post!



In South Africa they use the banana to lubricate the  gearbox from cars, so i'm told.
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 :lol: Can we make that an official Forum emoticon please?

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Quote from: "Bokkie"I think Jem offered the wasp a very big biscuit like this:
(a cool album btw)

And than he went to this website:
http://www.nsf.gov/discoveries/disc_ima ... 97&org=BIO


Wow - didn't expect to find other Yellowjackets fans here !   :P

No doubt you're already aware that said insect in that picture is in fact a hornet not wasp.



Quote from: "Fat Bastard"Wow - didn't expect to find other Yellowjackets fans here !   :P


/raises hand

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