EIMA associated with WRONG band on Rhapsody Service !

Started by Koin Atwater, November 19, 2008, 06:43:52 PM

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Koin Atwater

Frosties - Rhapsody has got EIMA associated with another band named Frost from Norway..this other band is shite and doesnt deserve the credit of having this most excellent release associated with them..to find EIMA on Rhapsody, you must search for the full album name "Experiments in Mass Appeal"..if you search on artist "Frost" you get our boys showing up under "Art - Progressive" category, but drill down leads you only to Milliontown, no EIMA..been looking for EIMA like this since the 17th, no show..got me pissed..so changed to album name search and there it was, associated with these swine from Norway..Jem or John or someone needs to point this out to the dildo's at Rhapsody so they get it right..Frost is losing sales opportunities because of this error !