Author Topic: Frost* December (Sinterklaas) gigs  (Read 32983 times)

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Re: Frost* December (Sinterklaas) gigs
« Reply #165 on: December 04, 2010, 05:55:05 PM »
Quote from: "FantomG"
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Quote from: "FantomG"
Pleased the ticket is going to a good home :)   & I hope you enjoy!

Its not all bad...I'm planning to make Derby  8-)   as long as my boss doesn't have any more 'last minute' plans!

Cheers, Stu

Thanks Stu - ticket received safe and sound  :D

Fingers crossed for Derby  :)

Hope you enjoyed gig....and now I'm stuck in Madrid!!!! with this stike, AAAARRRRRGH!!   I even had boarding pass and gone through security....mate of mine was even on his plane on the runway!

so Monday may also be in doubt  :cry:

Hi Stu - your gonna hate me for saying this but the Islington gig was awesome  :D

Must admit the vocals sound balance was a bit dodgy early on but it didn't detract from a great night. Highlights of course were Hyperventilate, Milliontown, BLM (John's guitar solo was spot on) and The Other Me which rocked! Also took some pics which turned out to be a bit c**p - anyone got some decent pics from last night?

No Snowman though - which would have been appropriate for my journey back home to North Kent!  :shock:

Ark were excellent as well - so much so that I bought their CD (and a Milliontown poster) - which gave me a chance to say hello to Nellie (sorry there was no Crabbies Ginger Beer).

Thanks to Turbo for the spare ticket - it was good to meet up with you guys - you must be even happier today after the Arsenal result today  ;)

Thanks also to Living Forever (didn't realise you were going to the gig) for the other ticket - although - you guessed it - it didn't arrive due to the suspension of our postal deliveries thanks to the above mentioned snow :(

Anyway - really hope that you make Derby Stu - keep us posted - and to all the other Frosties out there enjoy Manchester, Bilston and Derby!