Good USB Mics - Do they exist?

Started by Drarok, September 04, 2010, 12:43:29 AM

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Related to the drum mic thread, is there such a thing as a good USB mic that can be used for vocals?
I don't even know if that's a specific type of mic - be gentle. I know that drums need condenser mics, but I don't know why.

USB preferred because I don't have one of those fancy firewire input boxes yet. I keep eyeing them up as when I connect my guitar pedal (of doom!) to the line in, I get a lot of noise.

I'm no singer, but occasionally I'd like to lay out an idea for someone that *can* sing, so it needn't be the best in the world.

Extra-double-bonus points if it can also be used to record acoustic guitar, as I'm fed up of taking the input from my elec-acoustic and having to spend ages tweaking the EQ to make terrible sound into barely acceptable sound.

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There's that SOS again! Maybe I ought to invest in their fine produce.


I recently bought a Blue Snowflake (much smaller than the Snowball) USB condenser mic. Nifty design. I mentioned that when I returned it two days later for being a worthless piece of shite. I then bought a Logitech that I'm not wild about, but it's doing the job. I'm not singing into, though, just speaking.
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you might look for something like this:
MXL condenser mic and use it with something like this: xlr to usb.

I have that mic, and it's a great mic, especially for that price!

I also wouldn't worry about FireWire at this point, USB will give you what you need for a long time.  you can get some very good USB D/A midi interfaces for not much dosh.

(I know you're in the UK, and I linked to a US store, but figured you could find something similar.)  8-)