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Started by Jim Takacs, September 04, 2010, 06:12:11 PM

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Jim Takacs

Im ONLY telling you guys this because this is such a Tight knit group...  Let me preface this by saying Im not on the Digi forums or even a Protools user but I know alot of you are, Jem, So you may have heard this crap.  There are BIG changes going on with Avid as far as the Protools Software is Concerned. Basically if you were planning on an update or purchase in the near future Id wait. There is an XVX Crack Thats allowing Any Hardware interface to work with Protools.  Basically If I purchased a couple HD cards recently Id be Slamming my face with my mouth open on a street curb!!  If this is a No DUH, post, Ignore me!! :?
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Really? That v v interesting. Thankfully I bought mine nearly 10 years ago so i've long since had the tax off 'em.


I have heard about the crack and that news broke about a month or so ago.
Russ over at the AiR users blog site had some interesting commentary about it.
I have not seen it, nor care to, but apparently HD runs without the hardware
BUT all the HD features that one would seek to have won't run or work as they
are features that require the processing of the HD cards....pointless if you ask me.

The big deal that people are making about it is that supposedly the hackers managed
to unlock the voice count limitations they everybody thought were due to the limitations
of the cards. If you run out of voices you have to buy another card and apparently this
has more or less opened a can or worms and put Avid in a bad light of things. I guess if I invested
that much money into a system and found out I was being lied to I'd be kinda pissed too.

Needless to say all of this has led to big debates and conspiracy theories speculating that
it was orchestrated by Avid themselves to somehow 'kill' the current Pro Tools software
and release something new to perhaps regain some market share they have been loosing.
There have been rumors going around that there will be a "HD Native" version of Pro Tools.

I have never used an HD rig but judging by the new HD interfaces they just announced
I think HD will be around for a LONG time to come. Many pros rely on it too much and
it just plainly runs 100% solid especially for people doing post work. I would like to see
an unlocked version of LE and Mpowered or at least with delay compensation myself.
Otherwise I'm happy and between PT and Logic I can get most anything done I need to.

Jim Takacs

There is Absolutely NO DOUBT that Protools will be Around for a while!!  Hell, Its Still the Industry Standard DAW! But, When I have a buddy that Doesnt even have an HD card and has a 1,000 track limit using a Fireface 800 with Protools, Thats what would Piss me off!!  I remember the Frost Report, as Im sure all of us do, where Jem was updating his Version of Protools. Sure that was very entertaining for us, and possibly now in retrospect for Him, but seriously. If I remember correctly, his issue was the fact that he upgraded his puter with Pentium processors which is a Big deal and was in fact the issue!
    My main point in this post was to tell everybody to Stop and wait on Digi....  Its going to work out and its Going to piss off many, but in the end Digi will still be king!  There is some internal corruption that started all of this, but its way too strong of a platform for any long term harm.  Keep your eye out for some outboard goodies.  Eleven was just a sort of test. TC had the Idea with its power Core stuff. thats the kind of thing thats Coming, So Im told! :o  I Mean MAJOR Horse Power Shit! :o
   Im Finally going with a Computer based DAW BUT I am Going to use Presonus Studio One!  Studio one can use VST's and RTAS goodies, and is a tiny Program. Extremely efficient. Either way and No matter how you prefer your eggs, Its all about one thing, F-ing recording your shit!!!! :twisted:
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Well apparently there is A LOT more to all of it than what I heard! That is some interesting stuff.
A lot of people rip on Digi/Avid and while some of it is justified and understandable, I believe
they still make some really great products. Word is going around and it's obvious the LE line
is getting a refresh soon as well.

Whatever they got coming, I'm looking forward to it!


ProTools - going down.
Reaper - going up, real fast.



Quote from: "EvilDragon"ProTools - going down.
Reaper - going up, real fast.

Doubt that. Reaper lacks the essential core feature of any succesful product: there's no "pro" in the name.  ;)


Hahahah.  :lol:

Reaper has gone long ways since its inception. And it's sure to progress for quite a long while more. And in some ways of working it's much more pro than any other DAW. Sure it has its shortcomings, but the pros outweight the cons on this one.

On the other hand, "Reaper" is what could happen to some DAWs in the future - they'll get reaped. :P