Started by Trapezium Artist, March 05, 2011, 01:43:12 PM

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Trapezium Artist

In keeping with the sharing spirit round these parts, I thought I might as well overcome my reticence and share with you something I doodled a few years ago.

I do so with some trepidation, because I'm incapable of playing a thing for real and am limited to fiddling about with a Yamaha Clavinova connected via MIDI to a MacBook Pro equipped with GarageBand and Native Instruments Kore Player. Such are the wonderful sounds that these things come with that I can entertain myself for hours just pressing keys, tweaking settings, and seeing what sort of ambient, soundscapy noises come out.

So with that, here's my first modest offering:


It's the result of a single note being played and held for the whole track (apart from the bells in the middle). The motivation (and the name) came from an article about Brian Eno in the Guardian in 2005 ( ... interviews), in which he talked about his waning interest in ambient music, as follows:

QuoteI started to notice that you could buy keyboards of such complexity that you basically press one note on them and you've got a career as an ambient artist. I thought, there doesn't seem much challenge in that any longer.

He's probably not wrong, although I can't imagine my little one-note ditty causing the charts any problems. Still, when listening to with headphones, it has a certain hypnotic quality about it and the name "ONE|ENO" just cried out to be used  ;)


can't wait to hear the second piece with two notes being held!!

Trapezium Artist

Quote from: "rogerg"can't wait to hear the second piece with two notes being held!!

Patience, dear boy; at my age, I'm a slow learner ... then again, I can two-finger type at a fair lick, so who knows what new musical vistas lie ahead of me once I get double-digiting on the keyboard? :D


Download option is disabled?
Why why why why why?

Trapezium Artist

Quote from: "David"Download option is disabled?
Why why why why why?

Oh, sorry; just opened that SoundCloud account today; can I turn on downloading if it's a free account? Will try ...

EDIT: ok, have made it downloadable. Let me know ...


Crikey, TA, you're exposing yourself in public!  ;)

Trapezium Artist

Quote from: "catherine"Crikey, TA, you're exposing yourself in public!  ;)

It's difficult; I'm normally the shy, retiring type, donchaknow?  ;)

(12 listens and 2 downloads to date; I'll have to start practicing my two finger piece  8-) )