If you listen to the EIMA show on the Dividing Line...

Started by gr8gonzo, October 25, 2010, 07:43:12 PM

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There is a FaceBook page for the EIMA show:

If you're a FaceBook user and a listener/fan/friend/foe of the show, I'd be ever so appreciative if you'd visit the page and click 'Like.' It's membership is rather sad (in number, not quality!) and I'd love for anyone who likes the show to also like the show page. =)

You will get weekly updates on the show and a sneak peek at the playlist*. You can also leave requests on the wall there if you like. It's also linked to Twitter, so if you follow me (@gr8g0nz0) on Twitter, then you'll see updates as well.

Don't feel obligated, but if you're not opposed to it, I'd be grateful to have more people on the page.


*sneak peek playlist is often made of acronyms, so if you're a puzzle nerd...
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Yes Boss, following you on Twitter - have to pass on Facebook - there's something about it.....
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