Eima's potential for remix tracks.

Started by Rick, December 08, 2008, 05:57:49 PM

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Loads of us had lots of fun with The Other Me, interested to hear what you guys would like to play with off of Eima?
My vote goes for Pocket Sun as the most potential, i can just hear Pedders Duel Banjos version of this now.  :-)


LOL Interesting question.

I spent quite a bit of time earlier in the year trying to do the opening of Milliontown (the track - and I mean the tune, not the speakage) in the style of the Milliontown Colliery Band but a) I didn't have the right sort of horn sounds and b) I couldn't get the arrangement to work how I could "hear" in my mind's ear. I'm sure Beano could parp it proper luverly 'an all. :)

I guess Saline could work in that form too but, to be honest, I haven't really thought about it that much. The madnesses that were my previous works were pretty much inspired on the fly, based on what Jem provided. I think I'll wait and see what, if anything, gets offered up.  :)
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The day I got EIMA I extracted the solo piano bit in the middle of Saline to noodle over with the guitar. I think there is scope there for a bit of fun with a pentatonic.  :D  :D
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Back in September I lifted and looped the self same bit from the bunch of snippets that Jem made available....the trailing end of a previous sound gives the loop point a nice emphasis.
Great for noodling to and great potential for a separate tune.

I've bunged the loop on here on mediafire (I know, sorry, all I know how to do so far) if anyone is interested.  :)
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