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Should we be concerned ?

Started by Dave M, November 16, 2010, 04:44:45 PM

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XeRock, bit harsh don't you think?

Place is gonna go quiet now I think.. I'm gonna go back now to trawling the web in a hopeless attempt to make something of my life..


Another lesson learned for all of us "get a lifers".  I certainly air on the side of Jem's health and well being of course....and I fully respect his decision to make some changes.  It is however a reminder that all things are temporary, and nothing more so than following bands in the internet era.    For me, this smacks of a similar situation on the A.C.T forum.   Great band, great promise...very well engaged with the fans...big plans for future projects....then BAM!  Dead quiet.  Not a word.  Then finally word they had decided to take time off.  Not an unusual story at all for sure......but a little hard to understand nonetheless.
These bands start these forums, and Tweets, and You tube, etc... one would think to garner a solid fan base to help feed the beast....and then walk away leaving followers swinging in the wind.
  Jem has certainly been gracious in sharing the inner workings of Frost and all things Godfrey.....and his engaging personality sold it.  But being completely honest.....going dark and then basically coming out with a cryptic statement that he is making some adjustments, leaves all of us who felt a small part of "something"....whatever that is to each of us....feeling duped.
Still love Frost.....still hope for more.......but not sure I will be hanging out here to be left poking around for crumbs.


...and I can feel the world is turning...turn around


It really comes down to two things - Jem has been extremely forthcoming over the years, and when that changes, it is a bit of a shock. Add to that his last communique was in direct opposition to his usually gregarious nature, and what you get are a lot of worried people and equal parts speculation.

It may well be that, at the moment, Jem feels overexposed and needs to tinker with the machine a bit. It's become a common malaise in our modern society, that on the internet we speak freely and, in hindsight, regret having done so. I personally have done it far too often, only to have the digital world and the real world converge to my embarrassment.

I'm not saying this is what's going on with him, but it's going on with me and almost everyone I know. Sometimes radio silence is healthy.


Jem has had breaks before.  He always comes back.  So leave this subject alone.  More importantly, I think it is a shame that XErocks81 has never felt comfortable here.  Is this place too clique?


Interesting observations.
The problem is always about managing expectations.
What do you (every Frost*ie that is) expect from the hobby of a full-time working married father of four who is about to play 4 gigs and make a DVD?
I see no promises in what Jem says he is hoping to do.
If he can't get to do something that has previously been mentioned, he doesn't owe me anything. When I buy a ticket, a T-shirt or an album, that is what I have promise for anything else.
I invest time/money into supporting this and other bands cos I want to because of what I have had not for what I might get.

Our bathroom is still half finished after 5+ years! We all intend to do things but our supporters (my luverly wife in this case) understand that things change.

I hope we all respect Jem's position.

Too clique-y? What can anyone do about that?
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I think we should be grateful for what we do get, after all, how many other bands interact with their fans like Jem does?
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And let's not forget we've just had "The Worm Cathedral" which has obviously taken some time for Jem to produce and includes some updates on what he's up to.  I for one and am very glad he's working hard to make the gigs a fantastic experience.  I'd much rather some great audio (and video) once in a blue moon to tweets every 20 minutes.
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Im off to the It Bites forum, you are all depressing me! :lol:
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Tally Ho Chaps
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Throttle to boost, im going in!


I'm more concerned about the mask of infamy, which was a torture device used as a form of humiliation. The mask itself caused no physical torture, but the wearer was often chained to a post where he or she was tortured by various members surrounding the scene. The mask would sometimes have a ball, or other type of inner device, to prevent the wailing or screaming of the wearer. The types of masks represented the crime. For example, if the person was considered dirty, he or she would wear the pig shaped mask. It would be locked onto the head for a time determined by the accuser. Horrible stuff.  :(


I was going to put this in a blog post after the tour, but as things are getting a bit uncharacteristically spiky here...

I won't do the It Bites wall of silence, no offence to them. Here's what's what -

Sorry for doing a runner the other week. It is ill advised to do a Stephen Fry vent and one's spleen on the internet. I realize that now and as such it's one of the reasons why I've stopped using Twitter. It's also why I stopped frequenting other band's forums a few years ago bar a couple of sporadic exceptions.  It's a monstrous beast t'internet and I know now I have to use it wisely else it sinks it's gnashers straight into me arse.  :lol:

Over the last few weeks, I've had a good old look at my world and I've come to the conclusion that here's a bit too much "Jem" about at the moment. Sometimes it feels like I'm "Jemâ„¢".

It's been a hell of a year with the house move, the house renovation, my daughter being born, dayjob work, Frost work, session work, the Satriani gigs and everything else too dull to bore you with here.

I envy bands who just do "being-in-a-band". It must be great to only have that to worry about of a day. They also have managers, tour managers, accountants, most bands at our level however are very much enthusiastic part timers, often juggling other careers in tandem to effectively pay for this part of their lives.

In my case, my dayjob is more than a full time job, it pretty much takes up every day in some form or another. Running Frost is also more than a full time job and also demands something out of me pretty much 7 days a week. Running the two in tandem as I have has been utterly utterly relentless.

Truth be told, I kinda feel how Mike Portnoy must have felt... although I doubt I'll get fired from my own band for saying it.  No offence Mikey. ;)

What I need is a bit of time out in 2011. I need some fresh challenges too, Frost is starting to feel like another dayjob and that can't be right. I don't want to end up hating it. I spent some time recently trying to write 1976 in time for the gigs and all I did was stare at the piano for about 3 days. If that's not burnout I dunno what is as I'm never stumped for ideas musically. I then thought I'd write a new song instead and was met with the same fate. Frost just isn't there creatively in my head right now. I can't force it for obvious reasons so it seems like it's the right time to take some time out.

However before any panic sets in I'll reiterate that it's A BREAK!, not THE END!!  :)

However however, before all that, we have more festive and altogether more jolly items to attend to, the London show is sold out as is the DVD shoot which is amazing news. This tour should be immense. And don't forget that Johnny Jowitt and Ark will be with us too so I think he'll ratchet up the party stakes somewhat... :lol:  :lol:

The DVD will go into post production in January and will be on sale asap after that. You won't have a glacial wait for it as I know some other fans have I assure you. ;)

I LOVE this band by the way. It's part of my life in much the same way my kids are. I feel it's very important that you know that.  :D

Jem x


Thanks for posting, Jem!
Take a break whenever you need it. I'll be waiting.  8-)
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Quote from: "ich_bin_besser"Thanks for posting, Jem!
Take a break whenever you need it. I'll be waiting.  8-)
Indeed! And given that 2010 was meant to be a Frost*-free year, we've been exceptionally lucky.  With the live album, a new epic in TDL, the gigs and a DVD shoot, I think we'll have enough Frost* to tide us over for quite a while - certainly until the batteries have recharged and it is something you want to do again.  Frost* has to be fun for all involved, not a chore.  8-)
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100% seconded DS.  2010 has been a huge and totally unexpected Frosty year already and with the December gigs the best bit has yet to come!!
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