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Akai synthstation 25

Started by owen, November 18, 2010, 12:25:39 AM

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Has anyone come across one of these? It's for sticking an iPhone in and off you go with the relevant app. I use nanostudio (hardly likely to make mr g quiver in his boots) but my fingers are too big and I don't have an iPad.


I think I read about in SOS. It's a nice idea but I don't think the iPhone will ever be anything but a hobbyists tool, no matter how much Mr Rudess loves them. Applications crash far too easily (The one time I decided to try and perform with it, guess what happened) the output has a LOT of noise on it, I mean, put some headphones in, and it isn't just mine, there is an audible hiss through passive headphones, not sure about active. It's fun, I'd like an iPad and some kind of software sequencer/scoring program I could put ideas down while I'm out and about, but that's what laptops were invented for.

AKAI already do a fantastic portable MIDI keyboard for such a purpose in fact, the laptop performance keyboard 25, or LPK25 if you like product numbers...

One of my main issues is anything I've ever done musicly on the iPhone I could do 10x better with a DAW, much quicker. Though someone did port Propellerhead Software's old 909 808 and 606 thing to it, which is useful, but slooooooowwwww...


I saw this a while back owen, theres a post somewhere...

I'd say go for the miniAK. I had a play on that in PMT, thought there were some good sounds in there.

But then I'm a drummer, what do I know :P