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Started by Gareth Griffiths, November 24, 2010, 12:27:56 PM

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Gareth Griffiths

Hi Jem,

I'm a Kidderminster College student -i was actually lucky enough to have crossed paths with you in the studio- in my second year and a huge part of the second year of my course is a special subject investigation.

All year we'll be working on a topic of our own choice to learn and write up assignments about, I'm hugely interested in the songwriting areas of the business so I thought it would be useful to research into that area.

Then I thought that although I know that you're probably ridiculously busy it would help loads if i could interview you over the net about how you got into songwriting, how difficult it was to get to the stage you're at now and other such questions.

I wouldn't have you feel obliged, however if you have the time spare it would be greatly appreciated

Also if it would be possible to point me in the right direction of other songwriters i could pester then that would be lovely :P

Hoping all is well
Gareth Griffiths


I'd recommend dropping him this via PM if you haven't already, from his latest post he's dropping his presence on here for a while.

You could easily get in touch with current/previous members of Frost*, it's a good hub for finding musicians to research, really. You could see what JM could contribute, You've got Dec of Declanshire doing the Darwins Radio thing,  the boys from IQ and the Spocks crew you could get in touch with, and doesn't TBE work at your college now? Or was that JJ? I can't remember. Details :P


Wise words.
I took the liberty of passing Jem a link to this via PM already but I'd suggest a PM from yourself too. :)
Hope he can help.
I'd also try Simon Godfrey (Jem' big bruv - Tinyfish) and maybe Rob Cottingham from Touchstone. Are you on those forums?
I'll happily introduce if you like....PM me if so. :)
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