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Pro Tools 9

Started by EVP, November 22, 2010, 03:23:33 AM

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I just ordered my crossgrade from Sweetwater here in the U.S. and it will be shipping out tomorrow!! YIPEEE!!

I know many here probably dislike Pro Tools and prefer other DAW's. I've actually been a Logic user
about 90% of the time the other 10% using Pro Tools for doing transfers and editing. I too thought
that LE and Mpowered were rather undernourished but now that PT 9 has full delay comp, 96 tracks
out of the box 256 busses and the fact that you can now use ANY 3rd Party Core Audio or
ASIO compatable interface you want it changes the game for me big time. I can see myself mixing
a lot more in Pro tools now.

There's still no offline bounce or track freeze but you can bet it's on Avid's list to include it now.
They've really turned around IMHO and I like where they are headed and are actually listening to
customers now and being open.

Awesome I can't wait to use Pro Tools with my Apogee One.  I'll report back in a few days.


I'm really curious about it working with my non-Digidesign interfaces. I'm primarily a Cubase user but so many people have been going nuts over PT9 that I feel compelled to give it a try. I get a free license to the standard Pro Tools 9 version (the one without any hardware) which may just be perfect for my small production scale.

I'm skeptical about the third party ASIO support though. They say that it works up to 32 channels, I don't know what exactly they mean by that. If you're limited to 32 I/O then I don't know... I mean that gives me 16 inputs, drumkit eats at least 8 (usually 12), and now I'm left compromising mics/line ins just to make it all work. I'm probably reading all that wrong though, and I should probably reserve the passing of judgment till I have it installed and operating.

Oh yeah, just wanted to say that the most exciting thing about all this is a new iLok that's not the size of an elephants scrotum (slight exaggeration)  and can hold more than a leaky tablespoon of licenses!
- Andreas


I crossgraded from PT8LE to PT9 a couple of weeks ago too but haven't had time to "feel the benefits" yet.

I was a long time Cubase user and after a couple of years break (marriage, house, kids etc.) decided to give PT a go instead of sticking with Cubase as I was going to have to learn the new versions from scratch anyway.  Love the workflow of PT but still not crazy about the MIDI side of things.  It does seems like they've addressed quite a few of the MIDI shortcomings in 9 though so I'm hopeful.
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When they are saying 32 I/O it is actually 32 inputs and 32 outputs ;)  So you'll have plenty to work with.
It all depends on what interface you have really. And the Core Audio/ASIO support is no joke either.
Lot's of people running down to 64 or 32 buffer sizes with 3rd party interfaces and getting great performance.


32 samples....  :o

Well I guess there's nothing to complain about now but the UI. :) Though I'm sure I'll find problems with a ton of things that don't matter just so I can be contrary.... I mean it wouldn't be a pro-audio discussion without at least one a-hole.
- Andreas


It's about time they made protools accessible for non-avid interfaces. But it's too expensive for my taste and i bought an m-audio interface a couple of months ago, so for me there aren't any major advantages over protools 8.I won't upgrade for a long time.
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