Re-dubbed advert: "Tough. Beautiful. Polo."

Started by SerFox, December 02, 2010, 02:48:39 PM

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My latest bit of completely unrelated musical foolishness, I decided to re-dub the latest advert from Volkswagen, taking out the bizarre rap/tango fusion piece they are currently using, and creating something very much contrasting with a little bit of flair.

Comments welcome. I know it isn't very proggy, but until I move into my new place, I'm a bit restricted to what gear is within reach, there's boxes everywhere :D


I hadn't seen the advert, so yours was the first version I saw. Very tasteful  :)

Then followed the link to see what the original was like...
If that had come on the TV I'd have switched over quickly. I have a very low tolerance for noisy adverts  ;)
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