How did you discover Frost*?

Started by mr_john, December 16, 2010, 10:51:05 AM

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I gotta be honest, I think my Frost* story is pretty damn epic and totally worth a read.

In 2006 I was working at a record store in Fords, NJ called Vintage Vinyl.

We got a shipment of new CDs from Inside Out and among those was Milliontown. Before I had even heard a second of it, I was very intrigued by the album art, the font and the overall vibe it was going for. But I put it on the shelf without listening and forgot about it completely.

That same week my bandmate at the time showed me a pile of promo CDs he got from his friend at a local record label. Among those was Milliontown. He claimed it was this hot new Prog group. Now it was time for me to actually check this 'Frost' stuff out. On my first listen I was so blown away I actually didn't know what to think. There were elements I loved and then there were elements that I didn't know how I felt about. But something about the production was so impressive and the music was so out of this world that I couldn't stop playing it. As a keyboard player, Frost* completely shattered my musical world view. Within a month or so I was completely obsessed with the entire 6-track record. And within about a year it had easily become one of my favorite albums of all time.

When Experiments in Mass Appeal came out I thought I was going crazy. I was going through a tough breakup at the time and the lyrics on this album perfectly described how I felt. It was almost as if Jem and I were suddenly kindred spirits and he was able to perfectly articulate a bad breakup/divorce in such a way where it was like he was speaking directly to me. Frost's 2nd album saved my life at the time.

As if I didn't love enough Frost already, Jem announced that they plan on recording a live album and in Philadelphia no less. Being in New Jersey at the time, I couldn't believe this news as that is a mere 2 hour drive from where I lived. I was actually going to see my new favorite band live, and they were recording it for a live album! To this day they've only played 1 US gig and it just happened to be near where I live. And the fact that it was titled Philadelphia Experiment is all too weird, as I am a giant conspiracy theorist and have been a huge fan of the alleged 'incident' for so many years. The show ended up being 2 hours of pure awesomeness (what a surprise there) and being able to meet Jem and the band afterward was the event of a lifetime. Jem, if you remember I basically put a gun to your head and forced you have a beer with me. You were extremely tired and all they had was Corona, and you had to listen to me totally nerd out about the Falling Down solo. Sorry about that, man! But it meant the world to me. And also, if you listen closely during the break in Hyperventilate, you can actually hear me screaming my head off like a Viking going into battle. Damn, that was a great show.

10 years later with the release of Falling Satellites I can honestly say that their third record is their best one. The feeling I got from listening to such tracks as 'Towerblock', 'Heartstrings', and 'Raging Against' matched exactly if not topped the excitement I felt from hearing Milliontown. The entire record truly blows my mind, from a production standpoint and of course songwriting as well. I really think it contains all the best elements from Milliontown and Experiments, and of course throwing in tons of new colors as well. Jem, once again you and your boys truly nailed it. There is absolutely no doubt that I will listen to this album for many years to come. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for FROST*!

Forgot the coolest part of the story. Back in 2012 I was attending the NAMM convention, walking around the Roland room until I started to hear my favorite part of Black Light Machine in the corner of my ear. Confused and worried that I was going nuts again, I turned my head only to see Craig Blundell jamming out on a new electronic Roland kit. Got my camera out and snapped this video:

Of course Craig was extremely nice and was totally willing to have a nerdy conversation with me about Frost. He told me at the time that his favorite Frost track was the Dividing Line. I think Craig's got good taste in Frost. Ok, NOW I'm done.
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And I remember meeting you at the after show! (or sometime...)  ;D

Milliontown is my #1 Desert Island album.  but what I hear from FS may give that a chase.


I think I knew of Frost* a good few years ago, but it's only been in the last year that I've really got into the music, starting (of course) with Milliontown. The closing instrumental section of the title track is one of the most extraordinary and thrilling passages of music I've ever heard. I bought the album last December, and I've grown to love the other songs on it too. Then I bought Experiments in Mass Appeal and Falling Satellites within 2 weeks of each other. I've probably listened to FS more, but both are incredible.


I'm a bit of a plane but or AVgeek, last year at RIAT (a huge air show in Glos)I was sat in front of Tony (think he's on here) and he told me about the band

In the autumn I subscribed to Spotify and it recommended Frost* to me, Hyperventilate in fact, from then on I've been hooked. About two days after first listening I saw that they were playing Dingwalls and I thought I'll have some of that! What a decision that was.

So that's how I found them, bit boring but I have Rony to thank!
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RIAT killed my camera... it overheated writing B1 and B2 images to memory, on the apron....
Dingwalls was great!
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