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Islington Academy

Started by Cptncanary, December 16, 2010, 03:32:40 PM

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Does anyone know if there's a balcony or 2nd level at the Islington Academy? I've only been there once, and didn't bother to check.

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There are two venues at the Islington Academy, which some of us discovered when we ended up in the wrong one when Frost* were playing. Frost* played in the Academy2, whose entrance is upstairs at the shopping centre and I'm pretty sure that didn't have a balcony. However, I couldn't swear that there wasn't one at the Academy1 (or simply Academy), which is bigger overall, and for which the entrance is on the downstairs level of the shopping centre. Cathedral were playing in that one on the same evening.

Sorry not to be of much help; the Academy's website isn't much better ...  :(


There is indeed a balcony at the larger of the two venues,though they only open it if there is a sellout or a near sellout show.
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Thank you both  :D  :D  I'm off to see Angra there in February, and I suspect it's the Academy that they're playing in.