The Frost*y New Year Listening Party

Started by gr8gonzo, December 20, 2010, 03:38:14 PM

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Liking the messages and the Frost*ie mash-ups. :)
"Putting food on the table is more important than 7/8"

Hemispherical Walter

Thanks for coming along fellow Frosties, 'twas a great thing to have you all in Dividing Line chat!
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And all of my plans compromised
All of my dreams sacrificed


Loved it - a great idea - kudos to gr8gonzo and, of course, Jem.

My extended HNY message can be heard here if anyone's interested. It started life as just the first bit....but then Gonzo said it could be a bit I took a mile! ;)
"Putting food on the table is more important than 7/8"

Hemispherical Walter

Quote from: "gr8gonzo"For anyone attending this evening, I recommend arriving 5-10 minutes early to assure you get a good seat, but also because sometimes the show starts before the top of the hour and you won't want to miss a minute of it.

I do hope you'll join us for the chat. It's going to be a fun show.

Cheers and Happy New Yeers!

.. and very good it was too Gonz
All my designs simplified
And all of my plans compromised
All of my dreams sacrificed


It was so, so much fun. Cheers, everyone!  :lol:  :lol:

Hemispherical Walter

Quote from: "Mouse"It was so, so much fun. Cheers, everyone!  :lol:  :lol:
... agreed Mouse
All my designs simplified
And all of my plans compromised
All of my dreams sacrificed


it was trĂ©s fab!!!  what a good time!!

but has anyone seen Simon?


It was "gr8" fun for me, as well. Very pleased with the result and the Frost*ie-full chat. Thank you everyone for listening, chatting, sending your messages... it all made for a wondreful show.  :D

Many thanks to the chatters:

catherine, Nellie, Wilf, thor, L33VEY, Cairn & Roger, RacingHippo, RobH, Mouse, Pedro, Blunders, david, Hemispherical Walter, Dena, Brom, SmartUK, sigod, Gandalf1986, MikeEvs, neilgwhite, drblowthingsup, Shawn "The Bishie" Bishop, DJ Tony, eponymous, Lee, Guest_1001001 and anyone else I may have forgotten. Thank you all so, so much!

Here is the full playlist for those interested:

1. Frost* - Intro/Hyperventilate [live] (8:17)
2. Jem Godfrey - Bassoon (1:23)
3. Frost* - Toys (3:06)
4. Jem Godfrey - Broadband Tom (:29)
    + ba55me15ter message
5. Frost* - Welcome to Nowhere (5:32)
    + MikeEvs message
6. It Bites - Oh My God (5:48)

7. Frost* - Snowmen [Gonzo edit] (4:31)
8. Dec Burke - Signs Of Life [remix] (4:53)
9. Jem Godfrey - Marsupial (:49)
    + bokkie message
10. Frost* - Wonderland [pre-release version] (4:39)
11. Frost*/Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar On The Other Me (2:40)
     + SmartUK message
     + drblowthingsup message
     + Pedro message
12. Frost* - Goose Flirting/Thunderfrog (:48)
13. Frost* - Dear Dead Days (6:51)
14. Frost*/David Lee Roth - Falling With The Devil [excerpt] (:30)
15. Flash Range - On The Way (3:52)

16. IQ - Life Support (6:28)
     + david message
17. Frost* - 1976 [EIMA DVD menu edit] (2:07)
     + thor message
18. Frost* - No Me No You (6:06)
     + Jon Boyes message
19. Eponymous - CR-78 (No Survivors) (2:41)
     + catherine message
20. Darwin's Radio - Stronger (5:53)
21. Frost* - Black Light Machine [live] (10:39)

22. Kino - Losers Day Parade (9:04)
     + ashleaze message
23. Freefall - Hellstate (4:23)
     + sigod message
     + Mouse message
24. Jem Godfrey - Envy Cow aka The Feeding (3:40)
     + L33VEY message
25. Jem Godfrey - BIGsmall (2:52)
     + Gandalf1986 message
26. Frost* - Pocket Sun (4:29)
27. Frost* - The Dividing Line (16:43)

28. Frost* - The Forget You Song (2:26)
     + Cairn & Roger message
     + RacingHippo message
     + Jem message
29. Frost* - Milliontown [live] (27:24)
     + Shawn Bishop message
30. Dr. oKtoPUs - And So It Ends... (4:28)
31. Frost* - Secret Song (6:36)

The show is available for streaming and downloading here: //
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it was and is an epic show, Gonzo!!!  thanks for putting it all together!  what a great time!  8-)


Sorry I didn't get to hear much of it or stay long in chat, my ISP picked yesterday to have a fault in my area which meant my internet access varied from Non existent to sketchy at best :roll:

So I'm downloading the show to listen later :D


It was a wondreful way to start off 2011. Big thanks to all involved!

Hemispherical Walter

Quote from: "Mooncat"Dammit - just catching up with the last few EIMA podcasts - now I want to get the Owsley albums (just ordered them!!!!) but can't get 'The Semantics - Powerbill' anywhere.
Anyone know of anywhere with a reasonable priced copy, or download ?????

Addendum - Fear Not!!! I've located a copy at the trusty X Records in Bolton. I hereby thoroughly recommend them (again) as they have lots of very obscure and hard to get hold of things - just don't try and email an order through at the moment as their email host seems to be on the blink!!!!!!

Plan B if X-Records ever lets you down, try Action Records in Preston (
All my designs simplified
And all of my plans compromised
All of my dreams sacrificed


I went jogging this morning, listening to my ipod with the last night EIMA on it  8-)
Unfortunately, Jem singing "Her name was Lola" took me by surprise : I had to laugh a lot, which is not good for jogging  :D
Next time, I'll listen to the show as usual : in my chair, with a glass of local product.


It was an excellent "Best of ..." in 3 hours - downloading now for later listening and recommend that everyone else does as well.
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Quote from: "Mikey"Followed the link to TDL & Experiments in Mass Appeal #13 - 1 January 2011, are all the chopped up bits on the forum somewhere, I've got most of them, but there's a few on there I don't recognise

What bits, specifically?
...and I can feel the world is turning...turn around