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Started by DueyC, December 24, 2010, 10:40:16 AM

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We may be in for a Frost*free year in 2011, but that doesn't mean Jem's gone quiet.
Here's what I found yesterday...

Also to be found running the website and merch sales at


Well (blog)spotted, Julie.

It's great to see Jem upbeat again in the inimitable Godfrey style. However, the bit about
Quote from: "Jem Godfrey"For the last 10 years I've done a lot of pop and a lot of rock. I've had a load fun and did ok from it. However, I feel like I need a break from all that now. I'm fresh out of love and ideas.
does seem to confirm that we're not going to get a whole lot of Frost* in 2011. Thank Godfrey 2010 was such a corker...


Time to go into hibernation until things start up again  ;)
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See you on the other side, Keith!


Excellent stalking, Julie!
I suspect those that follow Dr Godfrey's shenanigans in '11 are going to have their musical tastes broadened. Mine certainly will be!
Bring it on!
* May contain nuts.

Ben Y-S

Ahh, good timing! I'm trawling through the old blogs of Jem's at the moment, as I hadn't seen them previously - fantastic stuff, as expected. =P


Good find Julie, blog duly subscribed too :D


A break for some other stuff is healthy, I reckon.  Jem's writing is ALWAYS a good read, and his photos are pretty special too...
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A healthy dose of change and different music is what the Dr has ordered. I'll certainly be popping in to pick up my prescription when it arrives.  :)


A lot of electronic bits and pieces have been creeping into Frost* recently and I've been really enjoying it. The drum and bass glitcy parts in TDL and the unreleased fanfare for example. I'm also into creating electronic music so I'm looking forward to hearing what Jem has to offer.

Sounds like exciting new times. I do hope Frost* comes back eventually though!
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It's good to see him verbaging again - we worry when it goes quiet.

Nice snowflakes btw
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Ah, excellent work Julie, you are quite the sleuth. I for one can't wait to hear what Dr. Godfrey comes up with! As for what 'sound' he goes for, may I humbly suggest polka?  ;)


Jem, if you are reading this:

- abandon MySpace
- go for either Bandcamp or Soundcloud for hosting the files and set up a Facebook page for Electronic project
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That pretty much seals the deal for me.....nothing to see here anymore.  I won't be following this circus act any longer.  Jem is an infinitely talented, albiet obviously extremely confused soul....and it's exhausting trying to keep up.  First he's planning this, and then that changes and onto something else, and his taste changes, and his plans change again, and the plans he planned on not changing change again........good's simply not worth it.
Brilliant stuff Frost was......but my guess is we have likely heard the last of that.  I have seen this type of act before.   I am not a believer in being a fan despite all the madness, no matter what kind of music, etc....  Electronica, Steam Punk, Prog, Pop, Rock, new studio/no new studio, new drummer...oops  ANOTHER new drummer, land a great singer....ehh we don't need a singer, bloody brilliant keyboard....i just sold my brilliant keyboard...........this guy is just over the edge.


Quote from: "Mickdoo22"That pretty much seals the deal for me.....nothing to see here anymore.

Well, that is your loss then. Apparently in your slightly constricted view a musician really only has to work within a strictly confined area of music. I for one am thrilled about the prospects precisely because my musical tastes range far and wide beyond all things proggy. Godfrey going the electronic route is very exciting to me.
"Remember what\'s been given, not taken away" - Brett Kull (Echolyn)