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Started by Drarok, December 26, 2010, 02:09:19 AM

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I found a track on my backup of Rick Burn's old web hosting, called "Fire in his Eye", and it was tagged as being by Fractal Garden. Not having heard of them before, I gave it a quick Google and arrived at a myspace page with a few more tracks - sounds like pretty good stuff, and the album is on iTunes for 30 second previews or purchase over here: ... d213594012

Wondered if anyone else had heard of them - any thoughts? :)


They were mentioned on one of the older Frost* forums (// and featrued a fellow Frost*ie called "Dave M". :)
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Ah ha, so it was made in GarageBand, was it? That explains some of the familiarity I felt towards some of the sounds. I used to use it myself before graduating to Logic!

Dave M

Ahhh yes 'tis I .. or 'twas  :)

I did some vocals for a couple of guys in the USA who did all the arrangements etc. I met them through a song writing website.

The version you have heard is probably with drum loops from Drums on Demand, but no other loops etc and I think it was done in Logic.

The Fire in his Eye .. my favourite song I did for them, its a true story about a guy who became paralysed in a motorbike accident.

Thanks for the interest... let me know if you want to be tortured with more  :D

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