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Started by ChrisX, December 27, 2010, 06:09:10 PM

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For a few years now I have been producing a weekly non-stop electronic music radioshow on a local radiostation. It basically serves as an hour long prequel to the show that follows it which is a radioshow on all things prog. Again, this is a non-stop show but I post my playlists on several fora on the net. And since Jem is going into electronic music I thought I might post it here as well:

Since it was Christmas weekend I provided our station with a prerecorded show giving myself a bit of free time .

This week I featured 4 tracks from Motionfield's excellent album Optical Flow (label: Somnia). When it came to picking the other 3 tracks I went for tracks that made subtle (or not so) use of speech samples and actually two of them sharing the same source. As a whole this show has a much more downtempo, relaxed atmosphere ... just what the doctor ordered after all the Christmas festivities.

Here is the full playlist:

* Motionfield - Nightwalk
From the album Optical Flow (label: Somnia)

* True Frequencies - New Indigenous Religion
From the album Fahrenheit Project One (label: Infinium Records)

* Motionfield - Stormsinger
From the album Optical Flow (label: Somnia)

* Porcupine Tree - Voyage 34 : Phase IV
From the album Voyage 34 : The Complete Trip (label: Delerium Records)

* Motionfield - Childhood Playground
From the album Optical Flow (label: Somnia)

* Beatsystem - Alabama
From the album Em:t0003 (label: em:t)

* Motionfield - Horizon
From the album Optical Flow (label: Somnia)

For the remaining part of this week the whole show is available as an On Demand Stream from the website of our radiostation. Where can you find that? Well, here of course:


and then click "Luister naar uitzending gemist" in the middle of the screen. A second window will open up (might be that you have to accept that through your pop-up killer) and the show starts (with a bit of that evenings 19:00 hours news first).

Check in if you have the time and let me know what you think of the show.
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