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Hello from TBE

Started by Andy Edwards, March 31, 2014, 08:33:34 PM

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interesting stuff. It's really interesting to hear about different recording processes. I have two hand held olympus recorders and whilst playing some genesis stuff the other day we had two drum kits and verry limited micing options. So I just did a bass mic and snair mic for each kit, then I set one of the olympuses up between the kits to capture all the ambient sounds, then I took a line out of the desk in to the other olympus. Afterwards I mixed the two recordings together and got some verry usable results. Perhaps not the thing for an album recording, but as you say using new digital technology to record in a different way and making it easier to capture sounds in different places. All that said, on the album i'm about to put out I played all the drum sounds from my keyboard which I know in many drummers eyes is hericy! :) But then I suppose it's sort of out of the box, cos how many prog artists would contemplate not using real kit? :) Anyway, i'm off topic. Bad boy. Just listening again sir and it really is great stuff. :)


Brilliant. Never heard that method before. I'm all in favour of more minimalist methods like that, especially working on a budget as I generally have to do. The daft thing is people tend to always assume that more is better, but this is so often not true. Sometimes the simplest and less faffy ways make for bigger better more natural sounds. Thanks for sharing, really enjoyed that.