A recent project, audio/video thingy.

Started by cho_drummer, January 12, 2011, 11:19:00 AM

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I thought over christmas, I'd take the term 'bedroom muusician' to its logical conclusion and occupy the whole house...
But in doing so I made a little video :)

It's a cover of the Biffy Clyro song 'Many of Horror'.
Have a gander if you get the chance and feel free to give me any feedback etc.


Oh, I almost forgot, here's a little link :)



Nicely shot Chris, what difference does the Magic Lantern firmware make to your 550D?


It makes masses of difference.
I get Zebras, Audio meters, no Auto Gain Control, custom iso's (110, 120, 130 etc) custom shutter speeds (1/33, 1/37, 143 etc) so much more control over light input, that's in photo mode too. Custom crop marks and safe areas for 4:3 or cine (2.39:1 i think it is). Then they're working on snazzy little features all the time, they have a Q scale for higher bit rate recording upto 70 seems do-able with a fast card and Alex (550D developer) has just come up with a work around for continous video, creating sequencial 4gb files which is really useful.
Oh and my new personal favourite, rack focus. Which works as though you have two points loaded into a follow focus and allows you to pull focus perfectly accuratly at the push of a button.

Unfortunatly they're struggling to get it going on the 7D.


Yeah I know they've said it's unlikely that they'll be able to do the 7D, but I have a 5DMk1 and a couple of lenses I'm planning to sell shortly (have a buyer but she's waiting for the sale of her flat to go through before she can buy), and will probably get a 5DMkII or I might save some money and get a 550D as a back up/2nd body.

Rack focus sounds incredibly cool, I'd love to have that


Well shot video.... and VERY well done cover version sir! You're very talented.  :)