The Other Me - Ba55me15ter Remix

Started by Ba55me15ter, November 23, 2008, 12:56:24 PM

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Nice! It's kind of chilled and rock at the same time... good stuff!
be rich big cat small talk get fat sign this see through choose me fkkk you



Honestly, you did a great job for what it was.
But if the song was anything like this, it just wouldn't be Frost*, at all. I think the vocals and their effects really don't mix well with the style of music going underneath.

That being said, I still appreciate your attempt at doing something completely different with the song, and I definitely see where you were trying to go with this idea. It's a completely different take on the song and it's very interesting.
I've seen paupers as kings,
puppets on strings
dance for the children who stare
you must have seen them everywhere