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Started by azure_sandman, April 18, 2012, 10:34:24 PM

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I've been working on my project for the last couple of months finding it hard to produce it here in Mexico. I've been looking for some studios in Europe most of them in Germany and UK, but I don't know which step should be my next. Hope you can take your time to listen to some of my music and give me any opinions or ideas.

The whole thing was recorded and sequenced by me. Hope you like it.

The link for my music is:


zowie!!  I'll be listening to this some more!  thanks!



Whoa! intense but enjoyable. Like it a lot! - Oh and Ditto re. Rog, welcome to the Forum!  :D
I am out of the office. Messages can be left with Mr. C Lyons on 020 7722 3333


Fantastic stuff - really, really liking this!


it is a work in progress still!!
i hope i can find i way to continue!!!
thnx a lot for your replies!!!


Ha!ha!fabulous music,well done mate.... ;) And hello from Ireland.
M,lady....please come down off that roof!!