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Started by Gman, February 01, 2011, 04:51:54 PM

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Just wondering if Jem has some tips and tricks on keyboard solos...for a beginner/intermediate level. Or even better, do you think you'll ever do a "Learn to shred your keyboard with Jem" video or Frost report  :D


Play the highest amount of notes in the shortest possible amount of time. No?  ;)


Yeah, but it's knowing which notes not to hit!  :D


Quote from: "Gman"Yeah, but it's knowing which notes not to hit!  :D
You're a man of details then.  :lol:


how fast can you widdle?

no, that just sounds wrong...  



It's all about illusions, really. There are a lot of surprisingly easy things you can do to create insanely fast stuff, especially with mono leads. If you're talking about playing fast stuff, of course. A little hard to explain in text, though... Like some of the tapping tricks you can do on guitar.
Then you can also practice scales all day long, of course... :mrgreen:

My suggestion is to try to transcribe something that's not a keyboard solo. Guitar, violin, sax.. makes you come up with lines and ideas you'd never think of. And, it's fun to emulate another instrument, using a big fat synth lead.  :D

It can be the keyboardists curse, just like guitar players, to always fall into the same pattern. We keyboard people tend to stick with our good old scales up and down, and the occasional arpeggio. Guitar players fall into the pentatonic and blues scale a lot. And then you'll just end up sounding like everyone else.
So I think it's a good idea to "learn other instruments" when coming up with your own soloing style. Focus on melodies more than just pure speed and wankety-wank-o-rama. A good balance of both can make the unforgettable solos.

And of course, it's all about practicing for ages, over and over again until it sounds and feels right.

Jem should do an 80's style "Learn to shred" video. The shred report, with solos from Million(notesasecond)town and Experiments in Fast Appeal  :D


One of my lifes missions is to learn and transcribe the falling down solo. So i would love to see a tutorial video of that, although we do see a bit of the solo being played in one of the reports. Besides wouldn't it take away some of the fun of trying to figure it out on my own.
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This Guy Has the Idea!!  I Know this has been posted before but not a better time then now for such an appropriate repost!! :D

Yeah, I Know this inst a general tutorial on soloing buts useful for ways in which to break it down in parts!  I Usually Just play my solos then relearn them in this same way!!
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