CME VX7 (70) + Plugiator Board For sale in UK

Started by jur451c, February 15, 2011, 05:17:56 PM

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I have a CME VX7 (same as vx70) midi controller keyboard for sale with a fully expanded Plugiator board installed, giving you 8 different synth engines to play with, including minimoog emulation, FM synthesis, an awesome hammond emulation and even a vocoder!
The keyboard has loads of knobs and sliders for hands on control, a full transport section, and even flying faders! There are a few (very) minor scuffs on the keyboard from my keyboard stand, otherwise in excellent condition.
You can read more about the VX7 at // and all about the plugiator at //
I am looking for £599 for both the VX7 and the Plugiator.
I would prefer the buyer to collect however I am happy to send by courier at the buyers expense.
I would also consider a swap for a classic v-synth with vocal card.
PM me if you are interested.

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