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Cubase 6

Started by JakeWorrell, January 14, 2011, 12:51:54 PM

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So It has been announced,

Are there any other Cubase users here that think the new features list is somewhat underwhelming? I for one am relieved - Cubase upgrades are expensive business!
"The longer the note, the more dread."


I dunno. I'm really happy with C5, and don't feel the need for an upgrade. Looks like I might skip a version, as I did before. Went from 3 to 5.


Same here.
Just upgraded from 4 to 5 a few months ago. I knew (time wise) C6 was around the corner but I prefer a stable version over a brand new one.  Usually I skip one version  (went from VST5.1 to SX2 and from SX2 to C4) but 5 had enough extra for me to justify the upgrade.

Although..... one of the reasons was the 64 bit support. We all know how bloody brilliant that works eh?!  :roll:
Perhaps that'll be the selling point of C6: "now with actual working and stable VST-bridge!!!!!!"


Yeah I'm thinking skip this one too, cubase 5 does everything i need and I find I'm using renoise a lot more these days for electronic stuff anyway.

I went the 64 bit route for a while and some stuff seemed to work beautifully but then some stuff ruined it for everyone else.
"The longer the note, the more dread."


I'm skipping it as well, just doesn't look worth it.
If it ain't broke don't no need to fix it and all that and short of it making me toasted scones when I get up in the morning, I'm not all that interested!


Quote from: "Harriman"making me toasted scones when I get up in the morning

Fingers crossed for cubase 7 then!
"The longer the note, the more dread."


I just upgraded to Cubase 6 and the new features are great. Of course, the new features I'm talking about are the ones you won't see advertised on the site... that being NATIVE WINDOWS 7 SUPPORT! Cubase 5 x64's multicore processor support was good but it didn't work well for all hardware profiles and didn't give that significant of a boost when compared to x86 (I couldn't use the 64bit version of C5 because my intel q6600 didn't react well to its power settings, there was no way I could get it to use more than one core). As soon as I started up Cubase 6 x64 I noticed that the load was perfectly spread across all my cores and the performance boost was noticeably better than the 32bit version. As far as VST bridge goes, I haven't used that loathsome wrapper since Cubase 4... jBridge performs miracles when it comes to using all my ram (with my planned upgrade to 32gb of ram I will FINALLY be able to turn off all disc streaming and let that load be reserved for audio tracks).

Oh and VST Expression 2 has been impressing me very very much, I just hope 3rd party VST developers start using it.
- Andreas