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Started by E.S., February 15, 2011, 05:44:38 AM

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Anyone else tried this? I'm testing it now, and just smiling all the time. It's a lovely virtual piano, modelled in realtime, not another giant sample package. Different piano models with very different styles. It's running very nicely on my system, and feels wonderful to play, even on standard synth keyboards.


Got the "Amber" piano included with Sonar.
It does sound pretty good to me.
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Yeah, it's quite lovely. My personal favorite is Emerald, that sounds a bit fuller and more suited for classical, and my playing style. And it has that bite in the top register, which is crucial for me. Diamond is also great in the middle register.

They are all good. I just wish there was an old beat up honkytonk upright in there too.  :mrgreen:


Yes, tried the demo and enjoyed it, although I'm awash in VSTs at the mo and it's low on the list.  It performed very well on my older PC and responded well.

Sampled piano-wise, I have the NI piano as part of Komplete (yergh...) and the EWQL stuff (makes my computer cry).  I use Pianoteq PLAY more often than not.  I treat it like some sort of bizarre electro-acoustic hybrid, because it's just not quite "acoustic sounding" enough.  Almost... not quite yet.  Very playable though.