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Fairlight CMI

Started by DanBurchmore, February 24, 2011, 06:53:36 AM

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Hello Frosties,

I'm surprised that none of you have picked up on this yet:-

Oh yeah! It's back.

The 30th Anniversary edition.

I figured this might be of interest to the board, given the history and massive impact of the original Fairlight series. It'll be interesting to see how it's been 'moderned' up - and what new tricks they might have up their sleeve e.g pioneering something else really new and exciting, just like the first time around.

Just a heads up for those who might feel like a bit of modern nostalgia......oh hang on, that's sounds like an album title....oh god it's not is it? Let me go Google it.....

..phew....some interesting links though.

Prog on



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I have a nice collection of CMI samples, thank God for that. Must admit I'm feeling a slight amount of GAS.