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So thats it then.....

Started by jur451c, March 01, 2011, 08:16:24 PM

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From Facebook:

A message from Jem
by Official Frost* on Tuesday, 01 March 2011 at 19:55
 Hello all,
There's not really an easy way to say this, so I'll just say it. I've decided to suspend the Frost project with immediate effect. If this were somebody else's band, I'd just say I was leaving, it would be so much easier, but it's not so easy when you've created the band in the first place...
The reasons are many - I don't feel comfortable any longer in the role of singer/front man/keyboard player/principle songwriter/principle cheque writer. Truth be told, I never have. It's all got a bit out of hand from the gently self-mocking studio project I started for fun in a shed in East Sussex in May 2004 when I was young and happy and it was always sunny.
More than that though, trying to juggle two full time careers as I have over the last 7 years has been a tough ask and has ultimately become a price to high to pay in certain areas of my life. One of which is my health. I've been to a very dark place over the last 8 days and ended up in a pretty bad way. Although I'm now emerging out the other side (a stone lighter into the bargain), I have realised that I have some serious issues I must address. I'm no longer young, I'm no longer happy and the sun is no longer shining.
These issues have made me realise that life is sometimes about doing what you must do when the time comes regardless of what other people might want or expect of you. Some things are bigger than music or bands, expectation or disappointment. Figuratively speaking, I've now been given a yellow card and my priority now is to get myself back together before I get sent off for good.
So what now?
Nothing. I'm going to go to ground for a bit. Be private. Grow some veg. Get well.
And reflect. It's been an amazing journey full of brilliant moments. Too many to list, I'm sorry it's stopped like this, so abruptly, but I've been at my wits end lately and I'm no use to anybody in an urn.
I hope you'll understand. Thank you for being brilliant.

I for one would like to thank Jem for some fantastic music and one of the best live gigs I've ever been to.
Best of luck for the future, hope it brings all you could hope for.
I think I think, therefore I may possibly be?

Andy P

From a very selfish perspective.... Bugger.

Adopting a more grown-up attitude (which I generally find quite difficult), well, Jem has to do what he has to do. Health and family, much more important.

Jem, thanks for being, well, a gem I guess. Loved the music, the banter, the Frost* Reports, and the general zanyness of your work. I hope it's a temporary measure, but do what is important for you and your loved ones.


I've locked this thread cos it's in parallel with Jem's post in the Announcement forum.
Please see the announcement thread.
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