Black Live Machine Artwork

Started by JakeWorrell, March 27, 2011, 12:47:04 AM

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Big Black Shed

Quote from: "RacingHippo"
Quote from: "johninblack"
Quote from: "Big Black Shed"*Why????(Risking a Hippo backlash) ;)
Imminent I'm sure

Hah! Didn't rise to the bait!
See, us wise Android-users aren't so easily goaded (or swayed by pretty looks, fancy marketing and tarted-up gimmicks that were nicked off other devices anyway and so easily duped by the Evil Fruit-Meisters into giving them more and more money for "upgrades" they don't need which end up not working properly anyway and having to use that dogawful iChoons cr...

Oh. Hang on...

It's not the winning or even taking part. It's the arsing about that counts.