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blunders in brighton

Started by redevan101, May 11, 2011, 06:27:11 PM

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frost*ies i hear rumour of craig demoing roland gear in brighton this saturday any brighton frost fans fancy goin or know if its even true?
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I've just gone back through his facebook posts and found this:

Friday, instore training at GAK Brighton and Saturday I'll be appearing in store at GAK Brighton for Roland
Also to be found running the website and merch sales at

Jim Takacs

Have you guys heard his new Dr. Oktopus Track?? Its Sick!!!!  Very Different!! ;)
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I fully recommend anyone with an interest in drums, electronic music or Frosties to get down and check out Craig's demo's/appearances.
They are usually lighthearted, informative and the nickname 'Dr Oktopus' hasn't been plucked from thin air - he really does seem like he has more limbs than a regular human!!!!(as anyone who witnessed any of the BLM gigs will testify)

Gutted I can't go (too far) but TBE is also doing a 'clinic' at Birmingham Drum Centre this weekend to celebrate their refurb and I've got to miss that too due to prior commitments :cry:
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