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DVD ???

Started by D22D, May 23, 2011, 12:31:29 AM

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Hi just to ask is the frost dvd ever going to be released??? which was promised in the spring


Welcome to the board.
Sorry to deliver bad news in your welcome post but the DVD cannot be produced because of technical problems on the night. Some important audio channels (like Jem's vocals and Nathan's bass) were either silent or contained bad/catastrophic interference. This is a terrible shame because the performance on the night was brilliant and the PA sound was fine. The bad news (from the Frost* persective) goes deeper still since Jem has since decided to park the good ship Frost* indefinitely so he can explore other genres that interest him.
Is it safe to assume that you own (or are aware of) The Philadelphia Experiment 2CD+DVD recording from the band's trip to RoSfest? The Derby DVD would have been a brilliant high point at which to park the Frost* project but since we cannot have that TPE becomes the last release from Frost* as we know it...and that's still an amazingly high point!

As I say, not brilliant news to welcome you to the forum but welcomed you certainly are!
Cup of tea? :)
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hi and thanks for nice sad about the dvd as was looking forward to it. yes i do have the cd and dvd you mentioned but to be honest you dont really see them do a live show as it seems to be the build up to that gig.
ahh well and yes i'll have that cup of tea!!